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thoughts about being this-and-that :)

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Birthdate:Feb 15
Location:United Kingdom
Website:Me on Facebook :)

Contact Details:
I'm a born female in my 30ies but by now I feel the most comfortable with the "label" bigender. I love the fact that my chest is not flat and also that I can wear a strap-on when it comes to that. But for so long I've been struggling, especially coming from a Catholic education. I thought the only solution can be to push myself into one of the two boxes: female or male.
By now I'm quite content with who and what I am. I'm a face and head masseur and I'm also into energy healing but I'm a great Nature and animal lover too :) So who knows what future brings? ;)

Interests (16):

cycling, dances with wolves (movie), esoteric and world music, eucalyptus by murray bail (book), kryon: michael thomas and the seven angels (book), latino and latino jazz, legally blonde 1-2 (movie), meditating, native american music, nature and animals, outbreak by robin cook (book), reading and writing, sea and cetaceans, the little buddha (movie), walking in nature, wiccan music
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